sessions at integrated

All sessions are confidential. The initial consultation is a longer session and you will be required to fill in a form, which covers your emotional, physical and mental state as well as some past history. We then conduct the verbal consultation, followed by the treatment. Homework is normally given, and recommended products (essences, oils and sprays) are also available to purchase. The below options will incorporate a combination of Kinesiology and Massage treatments, as well as other healing modalities.



#1  I've lost all motivation and feel lost

Inspired by Esther Hicks, this session will see you launching desire rockets, creating goals, manifesting like a boss, and getting out of “lack”. Most importantly we’ll be identifying and clearing any blockages that are holding you back. You are your biggest hurdle, so let’s clear a path and find your passion.


#2  this anxiety has to go!

For those wrestling with anxiety day in and day out, we will explore what’s causing it, where you learnt the behaviour from, and balance out all sorts of systems and processes the body and mind are running to clear a new and exciting path for you...without the anxiety.


#3  why am I depressed?

We will dive down the rabbit hole and look at the cause, why and origin of the monkey on your back. We will then bridge the gap between where you are hurting currently (and have done for years), and where you want to be in life, by correcting the mind, body, emotions and energy fields. It’s time to get off that rollercoaster...and those meds.



#4  I lost my innocence

Addressing all kinds of sexual molestation and abuse, in a very safe and nurturing environment, we’ll explore various ways of really processing what’s what and creating a new “sexual self” for you. Inner Child, Kundalini, and Soul Integration are just some of the empowering processes I’ll take you through.


#5  my marriage is failing

You signed up for something that is no longer close to the original business deal that this relationship promised to be. The contract is over but you are still hanging in there, depressed and stressed, with no intimacy or connection. We’ll look at balancing all the stress factors and we’ll start rebuilding you first, then look at how to make changes or better decisions moving forward.


#6  I need to reconnect sexually

Addressing sex and porn addiction, these sessions are all about reconnecting you to self and awakening your Kundalini. We’re balancing your sacral chakra and addressing the sexual imbalance using various methods. With a high success rate, and specialising in this area, I will have you living a totally different and fulfilling life.



#7  I'm living in hell

PTSD and trauma related issues can ruin lives. In these sessions we will clear emotions on a cellular level, by accessing the subconscious, cellular memory and energy field memories. We’ll correct the Amygdala and Chamber of Memories, clear any redundant vows, and look at brain integration and deep level switching (just to name a few).



#8  I'm not good enough

Facing the mirror and what stares back at you, we’ll address and balance all self worth and self love issues by looking at belief systems, inner child hurdles, sabotages and what’s happened in the past to create such self loathing. We’ll also address all forms of abuse in these sessions and get you out of victimhood.


#9  where have I been?

Past life corrections can be fascinating, and will put some of the puzzle pieces together in relation to why you do the things you do and why you can’t seem to move forward. We’ll clear any programs or contracts, clear all redundant vows, curses, obligations and agreements made in these past lives which are affecting you now. We’ll also investigate the karmic lessons and release any emotions surrounding these issues. 


#10  why am I always sick?

There is always an underlying cause of illness and pain, and it’s always emotional. We’ll look at what ails you and what’s really happening, we’ll integrate your soul and test you for any sensitivities. Taking you back to a past healed state and back to your original blueprint are just two of the amazing processes I’ll support you through. 


#11  i'm so unbelievably stressed

Believe it or not this is the easiest issue to tackle! We’ll explore all the circumstantial factors and set you on a new path, by balancing the body, mind, emotions and energy. We’ll tackle each issue step-by-step and clear the body of all related anxiety, mental anguish and overwhelm.



#12  my teen is drowning

Aimed at teenagers struggling with the process of life, we’ll look at all the stress factors, anxiety, communication, fears and childhood angst. We’ll balance out hormones and chakras, and open up a safe space to talk and share. This session involves a lot of energy work and intuitive healing, as the priority is to clear and balance as much as possible in a gentle way (teens respond better to the no-talking approach).