Just want to say a big thank you for today. I felt very at ease from the moment I met you today!! The feelings you put me through I can’t really explain just that it was amazing and you Catherine, you are amazing with the powers you have.
— Brad (Construction)
My god. What drug did you give me?! I feel amazing!  I’m looking forward to how I feel throughout the day. Good work magic hands! Totally cruisy day. I wish I could get one every week! The world would be a better place if everyone got one.
— Peter (IT and Webdesign)
I had a healing massage from Catherine last week and can vouch for how much of an impact it had on me, and in all honesty, the world needs intuitive and spiritual people like her to balance things out. I’ve recently gone through a separation and although I don’t suffer from depression, the whole situation has left me feeling sad & empty. I wouldn’t say I’ve got it together, but definitely trying to hold it together for my family & business. Trying! Catherine’s touch and healing hands blew my mind and helped me a lot. My body reacted in ways I’ve never felt before, as my body was trying to release all this stress. Catherine made me feel safe and worked through it with me by explaining what was happening and supporting my body. I look forward to what comes up in my subsequent sessions!
— David (Business Consultant)
Hi Catherine you are good!!! Your massage and what came up bought a tear to my eye. I have been disconnected from love for a long time. It’s complicated and I would like to talk about it if you are interested.  Thank you for today I had a great time and do feel a lot better.
— John (Small Business Owner)
Many Thanks Catherine for the appointment this morning. Your sessions were very professionally run and I knew intuitively that I needed to travel over from Perth to attend your centre...Its plain to see that you have immense knowledge of the healing arts and possess the ability to connect with people and assess what healing is required ... hope to keep in touch. Will definitely promote your business!
— Greg (Builder)