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Breaking Beliefs


So I stumbled across this kids badge amongst the incredible mess on my daughters bedroom floor. I went to throw it out, then did a double take on the words that are written on it. I actually couldn't believe it...

"Boys lie"

Raising a child in this crazy world is hard enough, without all the external messages girls receive about boys, and boys about girls. Boys don't cry. Boys are mean. Boys lie. Boys hit people. Boys get angry. Boys are loud. Boys are naughty. Boys will be boys.


"It's ok darling, a boy likes you if he's trying to hurt you physically or he's stealing your stuff."

WTF??? What crazy fucked up world are we living in?? I hear parents all the time saying "oh they're just boys" to excuse the bad behaviour their boys are exhibiting. The belief systems we have around young boys, and men, is really really bad. And the validation from parents and society is just plain madness.

Boys lie? Everyone lies...all the time. We lie to ourselves, we tell our children false truths, we lie to protect ourselves.

I am disgusted that this badge even exists. And any of you that know me, know I have had a LIFETIME full of crap from men. Yes they've lied, and they've cheated and they've punched me in the face and broken my soul. But that's my journey...and I know for a fact that these particular men were raised by ENABLERS. It doesn't make me bitter or twisted, in fact i'm out there trying to help as many men as I can. Because we have to CHANGE it.

🚹 Catherine Lyell 
Mens Health & Porn Addiction Specialist