The problem with regular ejaculation...

Yes porn is the number one cause for erectile dysfunction, but there are other health factors that come in to play as well. When you ejaculate you lose nutrients from your body. Most of the nutrients lost are in trace amounts, but zinc, selenium and copper are significant and cause biggest issues. Let's take a look...



Zinc is important to male sex drive as it helps manufacture testosterone and prevents a low sperm count. You lose around 5mg of zinc each time you ejaculate...that's half of your recommended daily intake!! Males require 11-14mg per day, nearly twice as much as females! And if you're not eating nutrient rich foods or taking a supplement to replace that zinc, then you're not only starving your body of what it needs, but you're depleting it each time you ejaculate. Zinc is referred to as an "essential mineral" and the number one supplement for men. This means that the body requires it, but is not able to produce on its own. Sperm needs zinc to swim towards the egg! It is also helpful in fighting infection and inflammation of the prostate gland in men. It helps with hormone production, growth and repair (especially in teens), improves immunity and helps with digestion. Upon ejaculation, testosterone (the primary male sexual hormone), serotonin (the happy hormone), acetylcholine (a neurotrasmitter in the nervous system) and dopamine (the novelty addictive neurotransmitter) are lowered, but prolactin is raised. High levels of prolactin are associated with poor mood, tiredness, and difficulty in getting an erection. So not only do you deplete the good stuff, you increase the bad stuff! 



Selenium is a vital nutrient for men’s health. It protects your prostate and can reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer, especially if your levels are low. Because selenium minimises damage from oxidative stress on cells (i.e diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol levels and hypertension), tissues in your penis relax and blood flow to your groin improves. It keeps the testes and seminal vesicles healthy, and promotes sperm production and motility. A deficiency in selenium can lead to infertility. Selenium also protects your heart, and it acts as an antioxidant, reducing oxidative stress from highly reactive free radicals. It helps sustain regular levels of thyroid hormones, and it keeps you from getting sick by powering your immune system.



Your body uses copper for making healthy red blood cells, maintaining nerve cells and function, connective tissue production, and maintaining the immune system. It also helps the body form collagen and absorb iron, and plays a role in energy production and brain development. A zinc deficiency can actually cause copper toxicity. The two minerals balance each other out in your body, but when you have too little zinc, copper often accumulates in various storage organs in your body, which can be toxic. Symptoms of copper toxicity can surface as fatigue, hormone imbalances, anxiety, mood swings, depression, poor sleep, acne, hair loss, migraine headaches, frequent colds and viruses, easy bruising, and tooth decay.


So... if you have an addiction to ejaculation and you also have an addiction to pornography, you are depleting your body of vital nutrients and energy, and creating an imbalance which needs addressing immediately. In both cases, you are running your body into the ground and expecting your penis, brain, body, organs and hormones to work with no fuel in the tank!

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Catherine Lyell

Men's Health & Porn Addiction Specialist