How an amazing healing treatment is changing so many lives...

Integrated Massage Therapy™ is such an amazing treatment for all kinds of issues, in particular porn addiction, sex addiction, pain, depression, anxiety, abuse, lack of motivation, trauma or illness.

This treatment is Lomi Lomi based and contains other various healing modalities - Intuitive Healing, Kinesiology (muscle testing), Tantric Conscious Healing Bodywork, Energy Healing, Kundalini Activation, Vibrational Essences and Essential Oils. It delves heavily into energetic medicine, cellular healing, spirituality, quantum physics and physiological responses in the body, to help identify and remove blockages so the body can heal itself.

Initial Consultations consist of a full consult and assessment, coaching, education and breathwork training, the massage treatment itself, debrief and masturbation homework. Subsequent sessions (it is recommended that you have four treatments over a 2-3 month period) have less discussion, but still include an update, debrief and coaching.

Tantric Bodywork is an energy-based system, with the primary goal being to awaken your Kundalini. Shakti (Mother Earth energy) is the energy being channelled in this treatment and I’m balancing and reconnecting all your chakras, pulling blockages out of your back, spine, hips and neck, building up the sexual energy in the body and dispersing it to all parts of your being. I'm here to facilitate an exhilarating and new experience for you, getting you out of your head and into your heart, getting you to just FEEL, teaching you how to receive, and reconnecting you to self. 

As part of this Tantric Healing, I check the Kundalini for any physical or energetic blockages, clear any emotional damage from the past (one layer at a time), and we set the intention of awakening the Kundalini. Porn Addiction, rejection and humiliation seem to be the biggest factors when it comes to a damaged Kundalini, however environmental factors, work, stress, relationships, anger and belief systems also play a big part in it. This is where the Kinesiology (muscle testing) comes in. I also clear any anger and resentment being held in the spine, any blockages in the back and neck from the past and past lives, clear any entities, psychic attack, and energetic cords and drains, and I balance out all the chakras.

Men store all their guilt and shame in the sacral chakra and all their stress and trauma in the groin. It doesn’t have to be around sexual issues…it can be emotional, mental, abuse or even a car accident. From the time you discovered your penis (is it normal, etc.?) to your first erection in high school, to the girl that rejected you or dumped you as a teenager, to the rejection in a marriage and all the conditioning of trying not to get horny or want sex, to the religious or cultural factors and of course your parents and how they view sex and the body. This is a really powerful healing tool, to release all the stress from the body and all the trauma and shame in the groin. It’s especially good for someone that’s been sexually abused as I am awakening a new sexuality that has not been accessed since the abuse shut them down.

Crying is fairly common in my treatments and it won’t necessarily be in moments where you’re feeling sad or thinking about anything in particular, it’ll be when I release the blockages from your Kundalini for example, and you’ll just get a surge of emotion. Your body may also shake and that’s the body’s way of releasing emotion and blockages. Teeth chattering and full-body sweats may also occur, and various outburst of vocal noises are common – wailing and releasing emotion from the throat.

A high percentage of clients never watch porn again, even after one session. We’re talking 20-year porn addictions here! Once we activate Kundalini, anything is possible.  

The Benefits

An incredible amount of healing, on all levels (in your body, mind, soul, emotions, cellular memory, subconscious, and energy field). An immense relief around performance anxiety. A massive change to your reactivity to a women’s touch. A balance out of any premature ejaculation issues and an increase in confidence and trust in your body.  

My porn addiction treatments are based heavily around the success of Kundalini Activation and your willingness to step up and do the work. I’m helping you ditch porn out of your lives for good, after only one or two sessions (four sessions are recommended in total). I am helping you save your sexual relationships and families. I’m getting you out of the hole you’re in and facilitating great change in your life. I’m helping you reconnect to self and find your purpose. I’m balancing out your sexuality and helping you find peace and solutions around relationships. I’m answering questions you didn’t know you had and I’m educating you on what you’re capable of.

Are you ready to experience the following? 

  • An incredible amount of healing, on all levels (in your body, mind, soul, emotions, cellular memory, subconscious, and energy field).

  • An immense relief around performance anxiety.

  • A massive change to your reactivity to a women’s touch.

  • A balance out of any premature ejaculation issues and an increase in confidence and trust in your body.  

  • Learning how to last longer and receive a high level of pleasure for a longer period of time.

  • Stronger and longer-lasting erections.

  • Impotence or losing erections will be a thing of the past.

  • Full-body orgasms that go for a long time.

  • Feeling more connected to your lovers and people in general.

  • An increase in awareness and intuition, and you’ll start to really tune in to what you need and start asking for it.

  • A lot more clarity and the ability to make quicker and better decisions.

  • An improvement in concentration levels.

  • More energy in general as well as a massive increase in sexual energy.

  • More creativity in life (planning amazing things in your personal life or business) and an increased desire and motivation to get things done.

  • An increase in the ability to connect with women, and a vast improvement in your relationships.  

This could be you...

“The session was a life changing experience.” (John)

“I felt such a massive relief after only ONE session.” (Robert)

“I have not watched any porn since my first session. Not by choice but because I didn’t want to anymore.” (Travis)


“The guilt that I have felt for so long and ruining so many relationships is being healed by Catherine’s amazing gift.” (Steve)

“Each layer you remove and repair leaves me feeling happier with myself.” (Mark)

“I have been disconnected from love for a long time.” (Steve)

“I have not watched or even felt like watching any for a couple of months now.” (Anthony)

“It’s made me happier, I can concentrate more on tasks at hand and I don’t feel frustrated so much.” (Peter)

“I don’t know what Catherine did to me, but after just one session I’m a better man.” (Paul) 

If you would like more detailed information on this treatment, please contact me on 0401 541 571 and I can send it all through on text.

If you would like to read more about how men heal and why porn addiction is ruining our men, make sure you grab a free copy of my eBook here >> I offer consultations, various hands-on treatments (Kinesiology, Integrated Massage Therapy, Kundalini Awakening, Intuitive Healing), Psychospiritual Coaching, Porn Addiction Strategy Sessions (video), and a 30 day online program

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