There’s a massive movement out there gathering momentum....NOFAP and NOPMO. 

NOFAP means no male masturbation. 

NOPMO means no porn, masturbation or orgasm. 

Now, I fully understand both the science and the energetic reasons for harnessing your sexual energy. Reducing ejaculation completely changes your energy levels and increases your life force energy...your chi, your Jing, your kundalini energy. You can harness it and channel into all areas of your life, and it’s powerful! This is what I teach, it’s what I study, it’s what I practice. 

However, I do NOT believe in this movement, in regard to porn addiction, in regard to healing, in regard to recovery and self-love, and I do not promote it at all. In fact, I encourage a healthy relationship with self. That all men and women should have that intimate time with their own bodies and thoughts, to explore and understand how their body feels and what it can do. HEALTHY MASTURBATION is about self-love, self-care and self-pleasure. How can you expect another person to navigate and appreciate your body when you don’t have that relationship with yourself?

The keywords I’ve used here are HEALTHY MASTURBATION. Conscious self pleasure. Which means it doesn’t include any form of pornography. It doesn’t mean every day. It doesn’t mean 3 times a day. It doesn’t mean for 2 mins in the shower, so your wife doesn’t know. It doesn’t include any guilt or shame. It doesn’t include dick pics. It doesn’t include webcam. 

I give all my clients masturbation homework. Strict guidelines to follow for two weeks, and my success rates for getting guys off porn and awakening Kundalini are very high because of it. It’s in my online program. It’s a very necessary part of the puzzle. 

Just think about this for a second.....let’s go to an extreme example. In certain cultures and religions men aren’t allowed to masturbate. These cultures are known for having the highest rate of porn addiction. Their partners are generally not sexually awakened or assertive, and the frequency of sex could be extremely low with a partner. try and take them off porn, take them off masturbating AND they’re not having sex much either......that’s a time bomb right there! Men heal through the groin and they heal through sex. They heal by connecting to the feminine. 


Just like the solution to weight loss is NOT yo-yo dieting, if it involves a perception of loss or sacrifice, whether it be addiction to food or porn, then binging is common and regulating and healing those addictions over time is very unlikely. As soon as you try and get a man off porn, and he connects masturbation to porn, then you are throwing the baby out with the bath water. When my clients attempt to masturbate without porn, there is a very common realisation that “it doesn’t work” and in those moments they start to realise the damage that has occurred from watching porn so frequently and from never masturbating without it. It takes time, it takes practice, it takes discipline. But if men are avoiding masturbation because it’s a trigger to watch porn, then working through that trigger is very important. Working through the inadequacy, the emotional frustrations, the disappointment and fear that their penis doesn’t work anymore and may never work ever again…this is where the growth occurs. Not by cutting self pleasure out of their lives.

I encourage and teach men to be more connected, more sexual, more aware, more tuned in and turned on....and to learn to express that in a healthy way, with full respect for themselves and women. 

Then I teach them how to take that further and finally harness that sexual energy instead of expelling it regularly during masturbation. To have huge connections with their lovers. To breathe properly. To open their hearts sexually. 

If you are curious about this topic and you’re not comfortable commenting, please send me a PM and I can walk you through it. If you’d like a free copy of my 2 week masturbation guidelines, please get in touch.


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