This event is bigger than just the venue and the treatment rooms we work out of. It’s bigger than the brand and the logo, and even bigger than the amazing Practitioners that push forward daily with helping men heal themselves. I want people to feel and see the passion and drive that we have for this cause, and understand that this is bigger than just us…that there is a higher power at work relentlessly driving me to succeed in delivering this solution to you, to Melbourne, to the world. 

What we’re trying to achieve is awareness….awareness of men’s health and the need for more natural and supportive services and options. Awareness of our skills and abilities, knowledge and wisdom, and that we “know our stuff”. Awareness of our current dysfunctional medical and mental healthcare system, and being educated on the natural options available to them, which actually work quicker and better than any pill. Building an awareness that we are providing treatments that are changing lives instantly, and sometimes saving them….sending the message that the stuff we do isn’t “woo woo”, it’s a science and it revolves around energy, quantum physics, neuroplasticity, neuro-linguistic programming, cellular healing, sacred touch and emotional healing. 

We are trying to reach as many people as we can, to spread the universal message that we have the answers to so many questions. We are trying to reach down into all the deep crevices of society and pull people out. We are here to show people there is another way, that there are answers to questions that they haven’t even thought about yet. We want to show people that we are one step ahead and can shine a light on their personal journey. We are here to showcase our ground-breaking centre so that we may pave the way for more centres and opportunities for men to heal globally…the natural way. So yes there will be business cards handed out, and a sausage sizzle to entice our guests, but the real reason we’re doing this is to pass on our gift of knowledge and guidance to those that need it the most.

We want you to walk away from our Open Day feeling different to when you first walked in. You’ll feel lighter, you’ll look different and you’ll feel inspired and motivated to make positive changes in your life immediately. We want you to walk away with the intuitive knowing and understanding that there is a better way, that you now “get what we do here” and that our message is so clear that you are able to pass that information on to anyone else you meet that is struggling in life. We want you to walk away feeling confident that there is a place for you to go when you’re ready to start that journey of freedom and self love. You will walk away knowing that we are the right people to help you, and that you are so glad you made the trip to visit. We want you to leave with a better understanding of who you are and how you can reconnect to self. We want your belief systems to shift, your perceptions to be proven wrong and your goals to change instantly. We want you to leave feeling connected to us and to everything that we’re doing. And most importantly, you’ll leave with the confidence and faith that you’re going to be ok, because we’ll support you.

So come along to our Open Day on September 18th and introduce yourself to us. We really want to meet you and learn about who you are and how you’ve come to be at this point in your life. Plug in to what’s already been an amazing journey for us in creating this centre 12 months ago, and let us facilitate a change in your life…however that needs to happen. Help us create the ripple effect that we need to change and save men’s lives locally and nationwide, and help us power the world to a place of wellness and higher consciousness.

See you there!